A New Movement Of Black Women Taking An Interest In Golf Is Rising, Thanks To Sierra Balgar

by Gee NY
City Girls Golf. Image Credit: @citygirlsgolf on Instagram.

The ladies are stepping up and taking a swing at the game of champions!

Meet Sierra Balgar, a Washington D.C. native who is igniting a passion for golf among Black women, a demographic historically underrepresented in the sport.

Balgar is the driving force behind City Girls Golf, an organization dedicated to empowering women of color to embrace golfing, not just as a game but as a lifestyle.

“When I first started my golf journey, it was very lonely,” Balgar revealed to DC News Now. “I didn’t have friends or family who played, and when I went to the range, there were only predominantly men. I would take lessons alone, I would do tournaments alone, and I noticed that I would not see women of color or women like me there. And I was like, okay, let me start an organization that empowers women of color to get involved in golf.”

City Girls Golf is more than just a golfing community; it’s a movement.

Sierra Balgar, CEO of City Girls Golf

Balgar’s vision has transformed the organization into a haven for novice golfers, offering a range of programs, from clinics and training sessions to social events and networking opportunities.

Through City Girls Golf, Black women are finding their place on the golf course and reclaiming a sport that has long excluded them.

“It’s become a huge movement,” Balgar said. “Even though we’re based in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia), so many women are getting involved now in golf because they see what we’re doing here.”

Forbes reports that 77 percent of golfers are men, highlighting the gender disparity in the sport.

Moreover, the financial barriers associated with golfing can be prohibitive for many women, with costs often exceeding $20,000 per year.

City Girls Golf is breaking down these barriers, providing affordable access to golfing and fostering a supportive community for Black women to thrive.

“Most of the ladies that attend our events, it’s their first time ever being on a golf course, so to know that we’re playing a key role in that, it’s very satisfying and I love it,” Balgar revealed.

Through her leadership and dedication, Sierra Balgar is mobilizing a new legion of Black women, empowering them to not only take an interest in golf but to excel in the sport and beyond.

With City Girls Golf, the green is no longer a distant fairway; it’s a vibrant community where Black women are reclaiming their space and leaving their mark.

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