Wendy Williams Gushes Over Lamar Odom: ‘He Put the Belt on Me and Commented on My Small Waist in a Good Way’

by Shine My Crown Staff

New York media mogul Wendy Williams is reeling after getting close with athlete Lamar Odom after his celebrity bout with Aaron Carter over the weekend.

Formerly a professional basketball player, Odom stepped into the ring with the former pop star, where he earned a not-so-impressive TKO.

Odom outweighed Carter by 80lbs ahead of the match. Odom also measured 10 inches taller than Carter.

After the match, Williams took to social media to reveal that she hung out with Odom, who has been a guest on her show more than once this year alone and says the baller was more than complimentary.

“@lamarodom is the MAN!!” Williams wrote. “He spent time with me after his WIN. He put this belt on me & commented on my small waist in a good way. He was VERY wanting to take a shower. He left my suite, I got to my car & fell in my fortress bed 4 am.”

While some speculated that the pair might have gotten up close and personal, several reports claimed that Williams was a sponsor of the event, although she has not made the claim herself.

Williams has been enjoying the single life.

In a recent interview, she revealed to comedian Gary Owen that she’d had her eye on him while she was married. Owen recently split from his longtime wife, Kenya Duke.

“The first time we met, Think Like A Man, I was married, you were married… I was looking like ‘Okay, who’s that?’ I was married at that time, I’m not dead.”

Owen says he belongs to the streets now.

“I think, emotionally, I think I’m just, probably, a little ahead of her as far as, like, you know, disconnecting from the marriage,” he told the talk show host.

The pair were spotted out at a New York restaurant shortly after.

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