Video Emerges Showing Fani Willis Speaking Out Against Office Romance Amid Allegations Of Affair With Trump Prosecutor

by Gee NY

As the controversy surrounding Fulton County’s District Attorney Fani Willis intensifies, a video surfaced on Monday, Jan. 22 featuring her expressing strong views against office romance.

For many the video contradicts recent allegations of an affair with Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade.

The video, dated 2020 before Willis assumed her current role, shows her pledging to run a tight ship and dismissing the idea of dating subordinates within her staff.

“I certainly will not be choosing people to date that work under me, let me just say that,” Willis asserted in the video shot during the appearance on a progressive news program in Atlanta nearly four years ago.

The resurfaced segments of the interview went viral on social media, prompting criticism and accusations of hypocrisy against Willis.

The controversy escalated last week when Georgia Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee ordered a hearing on February 15 to investigate allegations of an extramarital affair between Wade and Willis.

The judge’s decision coincided with Willis filing a motion accusing the estranged wife of Nathan Wade, Joycelyn Wade, of manipulating her ongoing divorce to obstruct the prosecution against for President Donald Trump.

Willis, in her motion, urged the judge to quash the subpoena in Wade’s divorce case, arguing that Joycelyn was using the legal process to harass and embarrass her, hindering the ongoing criminal prosecution.

Nathan Wade, appointed by Willis to handle the case against Trump, faces accusations of engaging in an extraordinary romance with her boss behind the scenes.

Willis has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations in the court motion, explaining that she will respond fully through appropriate court filings.

The DA’s spokesperson previously stated that Willis hired Wade to minimize perceived impropriety, given Trump’s status as the first U.S. president facing criminal charges.

As the scandal unfolds, the public awaits further developments and Willis’ response to the serious accusations against her, both professionally and personally.

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