Woman Who Used Gorilla Glue in Her Hair Reportedly Considering Legal Action

by Shine My Crown Staff
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A Black woman who went viral for using spray adhesive Gorilla Glue in her hair instead of her regular hair spray is reportedly considering suing the brand.

According to TMZ, Tessica Brown hired an attorney and is mulling over the decision to sue Gorilla Glue because while the product’s label warns against using on eyes, skin or clothing, it does not mention hair.

Via her social media, Brown revealed that her hair had been stuck in the same style for a month after substituting Got2b Glued spray with the industrial-strength glue. “My hair, it don’t move. You hear what I’m telling you? It don’t move,” she said in the original video posted to TikTok.

But her joy quickly turned to dismay when she realized that there was no way to remove the adhesive.

Over the weekend, Brown visited the ER, where health care workers put acetone on the back of her head. The acetone only succeeded in burning her scalp, making the glue gooey again before hardening back up.

After news spread of Brown’s reported intentions to sue, Gorilla Glue released the following statement:

“We are very sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident that Miss Brown experienced using our Spray Adhesive on her hair. We are glad to see in her recent video that Miss Brown has received medical treatment from her local medical facility and wish her the best.”

The company also stated: “We do not recommend using our products in hair as they are considered permanent,” the message read. “You can try soaking the affected area in warm, soapy water or applying rubbing alcohol to the area.”

Sending positive vibes to Tessica. We hope she is able to remove the glue from her crown safely.

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