Sally Bah: 11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Inspiring And Empowering Others Through Her Vibrant Art

by Gee NY

At just 11 years old, Saily Bah has proven that art is a powerful medium for self-expression and representation.

Through her vibrant creations, Saily seeks to fill a gap she noticed in mainstream media – the lack of diversity.

“It just represents diversity,” Saily enthusiastically shared while displaying one of her art pieces. “I wasn’t seeing lots of that on TV or scrolling through my phone or in books or anything.”

Empowerment lies at the heart of Saily’s artistic journey. Her mission is clear: to inspire young girls who may feel underestimated and believe they cannot pursue their dreams.

“I want to inspire young girls,” Saily told KCCI Des Moines. “Young girls feel like they’re underestimated and they don’t have the ability to do most of the things they really want to do.”

According to a report by KCCI Des Moines, Saily’s artistic journey began at the age of 7, initially as a hobby crafting gifts for loved ones. Over the years, her passion evolved into a thriving business known as “Saily’s Swag.”

Saily’s Swag is a collaborative effort within Saily’s family. Working closely with her mother, Rohey Sallah, an entrepreneur with her own Gambian cuisine catering business, Saily’s art is now showcased alongside her mom’s Bah Kunda spices at various vendor opportunities in the Des Moines Metro.

“People started asking me, ‘How do you season this? How do you season that?’ So then I decided to start doing my own spice blends,” Sallah shared.

Saily’s mother couldn’t be prouder of her daughter’s accomplishments:

“It’s meaningful to her to show representation and to show unity too,” Sallah expressed. “Like messages of joy and things that unite people.”

Saily’s Swag is not just about art; it’s about sending messages of unity, joy, and representation through creative expression. Saily’s words of wisdom encapsulate her spirit:

“Nobody can tell you what to do and nobody can draw your path for you. But you’ve got to draw yourself your own path.”

As Saily continues to make her mark in the world of art and entrepreneurship, her story is an inspiration for all, especially young Black girls, reminding us of the strength that lies in self-expression and determination, regardless of age.

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