YouTuber Sophiology Clarifies That She Is A True Christian With A “Christian BBL”

by Grace Somes
Sophiology || Image credit: @Sophiologyofficial

Beauty Influencer Sophia Idahosa shared her ‘Christian BBL’ experience with her followers after followers slammed her decision to go under the knife.

The 25-year-old Christian beauty influencer maintained that she received “a Christian BBL” for the Lord Jesus Christ himself and not just a regular cosmetic procedure.

According to the content creator, although she understands that many young Christian women look up to her, she still chose to do the Christian BBL because she felt it was befitting her status.

She added that she understands that most Christians advocate for natural bodies. But she believes that anything that enhances one’s appearance is worth it.

Sophiology explained in a 40-minute-long video on her YouTube Channel why her latest cosmetic procedure was a “Christian BBL.”

The Nigerian YouTube influencer started by thanking God for keeping her alive despite the risky procedure and alarming death rate statistics.

“This surgery that I had, a lot of people have had it, and they did not wake up. But God woke me up and it’s been six weeks. And I’m healing so well,” the beauty vlogger explained.

“I have still not figured out how to tell God, thank you. Like even beyond the surgery, he still keeps me safe, sound, provided for, and protected every day,” she continued. “How can I even catch up to say thank you, besides continuing to give him praise publicly, as much nonsense as I get back for it? I don’t know any other way to say thank you.”

Sophiology that she decided to get her BBL because it gave her a confidence boost.

“Don’t get me wrong. I get there are people that are, like, pro-natural bodies. Like, ‘Don’t do anything to yourself, don’t get veneers’.

“I’m not personally that person. I’m here for anything that makes you look better, feel better, have more confidence and just enjoy your life.”

Since the announcement of her surgery, she has faced numerous backlash. While some ridiculed her for trying to “scam” her fans, others were eager to know more about her evangelical BBL.

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