Chrisean Rock’s Ex, Blueface, Threatens Rapper With Legal Action: “That’s Offset’s Baby”

by Grace Somes
Chrisean Rock, Offset and Blueface || Image credit: @offsetryn @chrisean @blueface

“Finna put a restraining order on her and the dam baby,” Blueface warned.

Blueface has threatened Chrisean Rock and their child with a restraining order after she allegedly pulled up to his home unannounced. He also alleged that Offset is the baby’s father.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s relationship drama heated up this week as both sides made serious allegations against the other. 

 The “Thotiana” rapper had a fierce argument on Instagram Live with the mother of his third child, Chrisean Rock. Blueface went ballistic when the Vibe hitmaker showed up at his house with their four-month-old in the front passenger seat without a car seat.

According to the new mother, she arrived at Blueface’s home to drop off their son, but things turned ugly when she claimed he physically assaulted her.

In the middle of the thrashing, Blueface took to Twitter to blast the new mother and once again deny being Chrisean Jr.’s father.

According to Blueface, the baby looks “nothing like him”, adding that at this point, he’s considering filing a restraining order against not only his ex but her innocent baby too.

“Stop showing up to my house knocking on the door every other day crying talm bout let me in this yo baby. Finna put a restraining order on her and the dam baby,” he started the rant.

In a separate tweet, the rapper wrote, “Bitch drove to my house talm bout she not leaving till her ride get here this the typa bitch yall believe fr that don’t even make sense.”

Blueface continued to deny the poor baby to the whole world. 

“It looks nothing like me. That Charles Barkley’s baby. That’s Offset’s baby. That’s K Suave’s baby. That’s the n*gga from down the street’s baby. Don’t nobody know who baby that is? Scientifically proven, that’s not my child,” he wrote on X.

Chrisean Rock also went live to defend herself, claiming Blueface invited her over to his house and then assaulted her. 

Who’s telling the truth here, y’all?

P.S. Blueface had bloody knuckles on the livestream.

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