Yvonne Orji Credits ‘Insecure’ Costume Designer For Believable Sex Scenes

by Shine My Crown Staff

‘Insecure’ star Molly’s sex scenes were undoubtedly some of the best moments from the show’s first season. But viewers were shocked to learn that comedian Yvonne Orji was not only celibate but also a virgin in real life.

“The costume designer watched the first tape and pulled me to the bathroom and said, ‘you got to let the man lead,’ ‘you’re off beat,'” she told Zuri Hall.

Orji continued: “She gets behind me and she’s doing the emotions… she’s very hands on. Then she’s like, go call him [Langston Kerman] in here. So we practiced in the bathroom. We definitely made sure it looked believable.”

Insecure debuted on HBO in 2016. While Molly was a successful lawyer with a high-flying career, her love life proved to be lackluster up until season 4.

“Molly read as this like, corporate chick who could switch from C suite to like the hood,” Orji said in a recent interview with Hailey Bieber. “There was only one episode written, so we hadn’t gotten to her backstory. I asked the question, and I felt comfortable signing, but then obviously, you know more episodes are written, and Molly has a sex scene.”

She says she was terrified she’d be written out of her mother’s will.

“I’ll never forget Season 1, episode six, and I was like ‘oh this, this is happening,'” Orji explained to Bieber. “But by then, it’s like I’m the one you cast. I had been telling them all season like “yeah, I can’t show my areolas; my mom is still alive. I don’t want to be taken out of the will.” My parents got land in Africa, and I don’t want to be taken out of the will.”

She said she made it clear precisely what she was comfortable showing on camera.

“I made like a four-minute compilation video to be like this is what I’m comfortable with,” Orji continued. “Because I also knew I couldn’t go in there and be like I’m a Christian, I love Jesus so what I’m not going to do they’d be like ‘great let’s recast her now.’ So I had to meet them where they were in order for me to understand how to help them meet me where I was. I was nervous they were going to be like this is where the road ends. Thankfully that was not the situation.”

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