5 Life Hacks to Trick Your Mind and Body to Live A Healthier Lifestyle

by Lauren 'LC'
Healthy vs unhealthy diet. 5 Life Hacks to Trick Your Mind and Body to Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle seems like living a life on a slippery downward slope!

But it doesn’t have to be when you have a few tricks up your sleeve to anchor you upward on the slippery slope.

Here are 5 Life Hacks to trick your mind and body to live an 80/20 healthy lifestyle without even realizing it.

What’s an 80/20 healthy lifestyle?

Great question!

It’s 80% of the time you’re eating healthy and 20% you can indulge in your “fun” food. You know…

Those cocktails, cakes, candies, cookies, etc. Especially the ones you eat out and not sure what ingredients it’s made of.

But let’s get into these life hacks, shall we?

1. Sit Down For Meals

By taking the time to sit down and eat your meals. You’re giving your body permission for better digestion. This is a great hack to get in tune with yourself and practice mindfulness. Be mindful to not occupy your mind with other things such as using your phone, or watching TV. etc. while talking. This van overstimulates your brain creating blood flow to your brain rather than your stomach where it belongs for digestion. Also, be sure to chew slowly and thoroughly. You want to really communicate to your body that this is time for eating and digesting only.

2. Start with Veggies

Fill 50% of your plate with vegetables and aim to do this for at least 2 meals a day. This is a great hack to incorporate your daily vegetable intake.

3. Say a Prayer

Before diving into your plate, take a moment to express gratitude and grace. This is a great hack to boost pleasure in every meal and can change your body’s chemistry in seconds. Of course, eat clean healthy meals for the best benefits 😉

4. Surrender to keeping water in plain sight

Carry around water bottles and have a glass of water in every part of your home where you spend the most time. By your bedside when you wake up, family room, at your desk, etc. This is a great hack to trigger your mind to drink more water. If you see it frequently you are more likely to drink it.

Warning: this hack of keeping everything in hindsight can go left real quick by keeping poor food choices in the house and in plain sight. Start hiding these foods in the house so they’re not visible and you’re less tempted to eat a cookie or piece of cake every time you walk in the kitchen. Put it in locations that are not easily accessible, like in a box with other boxes on top of it. Sometimes if it takes physical work to eat a cookie you think you craving the physical exhaustion of getting it will outweigh the craving.

5. Submerge with healthier choices

Instead of depriving yourself of certain foods, you love to eat. Find healthier alternatives that still give you the joyful taste and experience you love. Still eat a chocolate chip cookie just find organic without canola oil instead!

Then begin submerging yourself into these healthier swaps more and more until it begins to rule out 80% or more of the foods that you can’t help to crave but know it’s not healthy for you.

This hack is called the rule-out method. And great practice to incorporate. Before you know it you’re living an 80/20 Healthy lifestyle before you know it.

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