94-Year-Old Grandmother Fulfills Her Dream Of Wearing A Wedding Dress

by Gee NY

At 94, Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of wearing a wedding dress, nearly seven decades after her original wedding.

Due to racial segregation in 1952, Tucker was unable to wear a bridal gown at her wedding, settling instead for a blue mermaid-style dress borrowed from someone.

Meanwhile, her husband, Lehman Tucker, wore a yellow sports coat and white pants.

The dream was reignited while Tucker was watching a wedding scene in the film “Coming to America” and whispered her wish to try on a wedding gown.

Her granddaughter, Angela Strozier, heard her and decided to make it happen. The family booked an appointment for Tucker at David’s Bridal.

“When I went into the bridal shop, that dress had my name on it,” Tucker said. “Oh, it was so beautiful… I was in heaven.”

The family captured the heartwarming moment in photos and videos, showing Tucker in a stunning white floral lace gown with a matching veil.

“I’m getting married!” she exclaimed in one of the videos.

Although Tucker didn’t purchase the dress, she was deeply moved by her family’s efforts.

“I looked in the mirror at myself wanting to know who that is,” Tucker said. “Yeah, I was very excited! I felt great! I told ya, it felt just like I was getting married!”

Tucker, who has four children, 11 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild, lost her husband in 1975. In addition to her personal accomplishments, Tucker has been a tireless advocate for civil rights in Alabama.

She registered as a voter and served as a poll worker in 1963, eventually retiring as a chief poll worker in November 2020 after 57 years of service. Her exceptional commitment was honored by the Birmingham City Council and Mayor Randall Woodfin.

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