Dynamic Duo: Identical Twins Make History By Serving As Judges At The Same Time

by Gee NY

Identical twins Shanta Owens and Shera Grant, who dreamed of becoming lawyers since elementary school, have achieved that and more.

They have not only achieved their dream but are making history as the first and only set of identical twins to serve simultaneously as state court judges in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Currently, Honorable Grant serves on the Judicial Seat in Jefferson County, Alabama, while Honorable Owens serves as District County Judge (also in Birmingham Area).

Their inspiring journey began at LSU Law, where they received a comprehensive legal education that laid the foundation for their successful careers.

Shanta and Shera, who describe themselves as best friends frequently finishing each other’s sentences, credit their mother, a librarian at the Birmingham Public Library, for instilling in them a love for studying, reading, and learning.

After graduating from Alabama State University in 1999, they sought a law school that would allow them to pursue their shared dream together, leading them to LSU Law.

At LSU Law, the sisters participated in the Summer Program in Aix-En Provence, France, and actively engaged with student organizations, including the Black Law Students Association and Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity.

Their experiences at LSU Law equipped them with the skills needed for successful legal careers, and they appreciated the school’s emphasis on hands-on learning.

Following their graduation in 2002, Shera became a criminal prosecutor in Atlanta, while Shanta served as a prosecutor in the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office in Birmingham.

Shanta was elected as a district judge in 2008 and later appointed to fill a Circuit Court vacancy. Shera returned to Birmingham, serving as a criminal prosecutor before being appointed to the Jefferson County District Court.

The sisters cherish their unique distinction of serving as state court judges simultaneously, with Shanta presiding over a criminal court and Shera over a civil court.

They live in the same neighborhood, enjoying family time with remarkably similar households, including 11-year-old daughters and 8-year-old boys. Their husbands, who have been best friends since kindergarten, also share a close bond.

While Shanta and Shera bring different perspectives to their roles, they appreciate the diversity of views, enhancing their understanding of legal issues. Their advice to current LSU Law students is to take advantage of unique offerings, enjoy the experience, and recognize that success will come in due time.

The dynamic duo’s journey from childhood dreams to making legal history is a testament to their dedication, sisterly bond, and the impactful education they received at LSU Law.

Their story serves as an inspiration to aspiring lawyers and demonstrates the power of dreams, hard work, and the support of an exceptional legal education.

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