Amanda Seales Addresses Neo-Colonialism: ‘Expats Are Immigrants’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Amanda Seales hopped on Instagram to upload a video tackling the issue of migration and how it can ultimately feed neo-colonist capitalism.

“So a few years, people like went batsh-t crazy on the Instagrams or on the Twitters or whatever… because I had said, ‘if you have the money for Jordans and Nike suits and you don’t have a passport, you’re losing’. And people went batsh-t crazy,” her video begins.

“Literally, one person was like, ‘you are a petty bourgeoisie. A classist who is passport shaming the disenfranchised Black community’ — Shut Up. None of that is true.”

She explains that at the time, she was talking to a person who “literally was spending all of his money on Jordans and Nike.”

She says that although they had a fully pimped-out closet, they could not travel anywhere.

“So, when I say, like, ‘get a passport,’ it’s not me to make the world also your oyster in the way that these white folks are definitely here in the world,” she explains.

“Like ‘This is good. I think I’ll stay.’ They don’t even call them immigrants. They call them ex-pats. No. You’re a immigrant. You left from this place to come to this place. And now you here in this place, and they don’t call them immigrants because they still keep their American citizenship,” the comedian continues.

“As they’re in these places, then you have a lot of countries where they’re actually giving people the opportunity to get dual citizenship in their countryGrenada — by them being able to buy property. And they essentially get to buy citizenship or buy a passport. It’s very frustrating because it really is neocolonialism,” she adds.

Neocolonialism is the power to control of less-developed countries by developed countries through indirect means, resulting in a a colonial-like exploitation.

“And it was, it was 100% selling off our nations to again, uphold the tenants of colonial capitalists because that’s, what’s going to happen when you have all of these white folks from America and England and whatever, coming into these spaces that are not about them. But they inevitably make it about them because that’s when you start getting complaints.”

Watch the full video above.

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