Amazing! This Woman Found Love At 47, Married At 48, Became Pregnant At 49 And Welcomed A Baby Just Before 50

by Gee NY

Wondering if you’ll ever find love? Then this heartwarming tale of resilience and love is for you. The story broke in Nigeria, but the lessons are universal.

In 2021, a Nigerian woman Ladunni Idowu Giwa-Osagie grabbed national attention after the story of how she defied societal norms and embraced motherhood at almost 50 was published in the media. To many, her story proved that age is no barrier to life’s milestones.

Ladunni’s extraordinary tale began when she met her husband, Aigbovo-Giwa-Osagie, at the age of 47.

Their union blossomed into marriage at 48, and just before her 50th birthday, Ladunni joyously embraced the pregnancy journey. On June 25, 2021, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Osarumuwese Oluwaseyitanfunmi Nosakhare.

Ladunni’s story was first shared on Facebook by her friend who aptly compared her belated but smooth transition from finding love to pregnancy to motherhood to a gladiatorial conquest.

In that post, her friend, Ifeanyi Omeni, hilariously presents Ladunni’s story as emerging victorious in her long-drawn-out war for love and motherhood.

“This is a narrative of a female gladiator who fought and emerged victorious and whose story is told to encourage those still facing failure, that they will become gladiators, too,” Ifeanyi wrote in the edifying Facebook post.

Beyond her Facebook post, Ifeanyi’s encouraging presence, filled with charm and openness, helped to further lift Ladunni even as she achieved her uncommon milestone.

Ladunni’s story shatters stereotypes by proving that delay is not denial, and that God’s timing is perfect.

Ladunni’s husband, Aigbovo Giwa-Osagie, was praised as the “husband of the year” for his unwavering support and dedication to his wife.

In interviews, he expressed gratitude to God for a wife he described as beyond amazing. He also spoke about the transformative power of love, with Ladunni’s presence bringing him immeasurable joy and relief.

Ladunni’s story radiates hope and inspiration, encouraging individuals never to give up.

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