Angela Bassett Shares That Her Twins Have Experienced Racism

by Yah Yah

Black Panther star and Globe award-winning actress, Angela Bassett recently sat down for an interview with People Magazine.

During the interview, she opened up about racism and explains that her 12-year-old twins, Bronwyn and Slater, have not been exempt from it.

“Even from the age of four, from preschool, they’ve had to deal with — and as crazy as it seems or sounds — color issues,” she tells PEOPLE. “Or because they were African Americans, and whether other kids will play with them or have issue with that.”

“It makes you gasp, and it just squeezes your heart sometimes, because you never want your kids to go through these sort of pain issues,” she says. “Or you thought it’d be much later, once they get a firm footing of who they are.”

During the interview, the 9-1-1 actress also talks about her role in the new Marvel film, saying:

“We would tell our kids you’re of kings and of queens… We try to instill a sense of pride, and this is that moment where we can look on that screen and see all of that history that we’ve read — that if we’ve been privileged to go back to the motherland to experience — to see it manifested onscreen for the first time.”

Watch the full interview by clicking here.

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