Ayesha Announces Early Birth Of Her 4th Baby: ‘Our Sweet Baby Boy Decided To Make An Early Arrival’

by Gee NY

Celebrity couple Ayesha and Stephen “Steph” Curry welcomed their newest addition, Caius Chai, earlier than expected, making him their fourth child.

The joyful announcement was made on Instagram on Sunday, May 26, where Steph shared a heartwarming black-and-white photo of someone holding the newborn’s tiny hand.

“Our sweet baby boy decided to make an early arrival!! He’s doing great and we are finally settling in at home as a family of 6! So grateful!” Steph captioned the post, adding the birthdate, “Caius Chai 5/11/24.”

While Ayesha, 35, seemed to have prescheduled professional posts on her Instagram account, she shared a candid moment from a hike with her daughter Ryan on May 8, just days before Caius’ unexpected arrival.


The Sweet July founder revealed her pregnancy in March, expressing that she and Steph initially felt their family was complete until they both sensed that “somebody was missing” from their family dynamic.

Caius joins his older siblings Riley Elizabeth, 11, Ryan Carson, 8, and Canon W. Jack, 5, bringing more joy to the Curry household.

Ayesha reflected on the excitement of her children anticipating the new addition, noting the unique perspectives each child brings to the experience.

Steph, who recently discussed trying to schedule their newest child’s birth around his Paris Olympics debut, expressed his excitement for the growing family.

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