Second-Grade School Teacher Whose Christmas Presents Were Stolen By A Porch Thief Gets A Heartwarming Surprise

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In the spirit of community and generosity, Community Friends Inc. has come to the aid of a Delray Beach family whose Christmas presents were stolen by a porch thief.

The heartwarming gesture took place after Keyanna Evans, a second-grade school teacher at Village Academy, shared her unfortunate experience with porch piracy.

The stolen packages, intended as Christmas presents for Evans’ two boys, prompted Debbee Katz, the president of Community Friends Inc., to take action. Katz, upon seeing the news coverage of the incident on WPTV, reached out to Evans. She informed her that the nonprofit had leftover toys from a toy drive and was eager to help replace the stolen gifts.

“I saw them taking the gifts in that video, and I said, ‘I could help,'” said Katz.

Ethan Stein from WPTV visited Katz’s shed, where various toys and books were stored, showcasing the generosity of Community Friends Inc. Katz emphasized that the organization, often referred to as “the little charity that does a lot,” has been helping smaller organizations for the past 25 years.

Keyanna Evans

Evans, who expressed her gratitude, explained that her two boys were unaware of the donated presents. She shared her thankfulness for the group providing a range of gifts, turning what could have been a negative situation into a positive Christmas celebration.

“Especially to keep the Christmas spirit there for them so that they don’t have to have this tragedy as a memory,” said Evans.

Despite the setback caused by the porch thief, the community’s support, led by Community Friends Inc., has rekindled the holiday spirit for the affected family.

On Christmas Day, one of Evans’ sons joyfully opened presents donated by Community Friends Inc., capturing a heartwarming moment that symbolizes the spirit of giving and unity in the community.

Debbee Katz

The incident sheds light on the growing issue of package theft, with an estimated 113 million packages stolen in 2022, according to the research group SafeWise.

To prevent such thefts, the Florida attorney general’s office recommends scheduling deliveries when someone is home, asking neighbors for assistance, requiring a signature for delivery, and installing security cameras.

In a touching turn of events, the stolen presents have been replaced, and the community’s generosity has turned a moment of despair into one of hope and shared joy during the holiday season.

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