Azealia Banks Calls Out Diplo: Claims He Forced Her To Have Sex In Exchange For Beats

by Grace Somes
Azealia Banks Calls Out Diplo: Claims He Forced Her To Have Sex In Exchange For Beats

According to the rapper, all this happened when she was seventeen before her big break.

For some time, Azealia Banks has been open about her dislike for the record producer Diplo, real name Thomas Pentz.

She leaves no table unturned in her quest to show that she is not the producer’s biggest fan.

Even though they once worked together, Azealia Banks continues to call out the DJ on his alleged crimes.

Earlier last month, the rapper unleashed a profanity-laced rant on Instagram where she made some disturbing allegations against Diplo.

Banks shared her true thoughts on her VIBE Magazine cover with Diplo, which took place over ten years ago.

She began her rant with shots at the media for always making her look bad. She claimed the media tried to make her look like “an illiterate imbecile.”

Soon after, Azealia Banks turned on Diplo, accusing him of doing “racist and demeaning” things to her when she was “a little a** f***ing girl.”

“Do you know like, the types of terrible fcking things Diplo used to do to me when I was 17 and broke? … You don’t know your right foundation color yet and all types of sht like that. I was a little ss fcking girl. Do you know the type of just fcking like racist, demeaning sht that ni**a would do to me,” she wrote.

Azealia Banks then alleged that Diplo also pressured her into having sex with him by promising her music beats. She also claimed that he would leave her in the hotel room alone and starving because he wouldn’t allow her to order anything to eat.

The allegations surrounding music producer Diplo continue to grow.

In August, another woman, Shelly Auguste, accused the record producer of distributing nude photographs of her without her consent.

She is also reportedly suing the music producer for sexual battery, gender violence, intentional intrusion into private affairs, battery, assault, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and fraud, as well as violation of the Ralph Civil Rights Act and violation of the Tom Bane Civil Rights Act.

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