Man Posts Death Threats Against Fani Willis For Prosecuting Donald Trump

by Gee NY

A California man, Marc Shultz, has been indicted for posting death threats against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Willis, who is prosecuting former President Donald Trump in an election interference case, received threats suggesting she “will be killed like a dog” for her role in the high-profile trial.

In response to the threats, Willis said it has become critical to protect public officials, particularly women, from such intimidation tactics.

She stated:

“On the same day Senator Bill Cowsert had the audacity to question whether an elected African American female District Attorney deserves protection from death threats, the United States Attorney and the FBI announced another indictment of someone who threatened my life.

“I thank US Attorney Ryan Buchanan, his staff and the FBI for believing the life of an African American elected official has value and for their diligent efforts in ensuring the safety of myself, my staff, and our families.”

The case against Shultz underscores broader issues of safety and security for women in the legal field. Threats and harassment directed at female prosecutors and attorneys are not uncommon, highlighting the need for robust measures to ensure their protection.

Last year, Arthur Ray Hanson, II, an Alabama man, was also indicted by a federal grand jury in Atlanta on charges of transmitting interstate threats to injure Fani Willis and Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat because of their connections to the Fulton County, Georgia, investigation of Trump

Hanson made his initial appearance in federal court in Huntsville and was formally arraigned in Atlanta on November 13, 2023.

While legal proceedings continue, Willis remains steadfast in her commitment to prosecuting the case against Trump and his co-defendants. Despite attempts by the defense to challenge her involvement, Willis and her team continue to pursue justice in the face of adversity.

As discussions surrounding women’s safety and representation in the legal field persist, the case against Shultz serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing threats and intimidation aimed at women in positions of authority.

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