Beautiful Bride Doctor’s Wedding Raps Go Viral: ‘I Bet You Never Heard of a Physician That Could Rap’

by Shine My Crown Staff
Voiced by Amazon Polly

HOUSTON — A doctor has gone viral for the bars she laid during her wedding entrance.

Gorgeous pediatrician Dr. Fátimat tied the knot with Kingsley on June 27 in Houston — and guests will not be forgetting this event anytime soon.

“I haven’t posted any pics yet and I can’t decide a favorite moment from the wedding, but this has got to be up there…” her proud husband captioned a post shared to his Instagram account.

“She’s the new wife / I’m the new groom / I’d a came down, me and her just jumped the broom/I’m talkin bout tradition /I’m playing my position / I been so sick of course I got me a physician/ But damn she so fine / body’s so savage /I think I fell in love when she started speaking Spanish,” he raps.

His bars were good. But his wife’s were better:

“I grew up in the H-Town West, it’s no cap/ I bet you never heard of a physician that could rap/ Some call me Fati, some call me Tima/ some days I look like Cardi, some days it be Selena/ Either way I’m fine, I rap and I sing / Either way I’m fine, how’d you think I got this ring?” she says in her show-stealing performance.

The performance was captured by Miami, Florida-based wedding filmmaker, Bricks Group.

“It’s safe to say we all want that Jay Z and Beyonce kind of love. That “he can protect you and rap to you” kind of love,” they captioned a video.

The talented couple’s Instagram handles are included in the post. Show then newlyweds some love.

What a beautiful couple. Black love is EVERYTHING.

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