Blac Chyna Moves Wendy Williams To Tears With Emotional Visit – “The Most Motherly… I Love You So Much”

by Grace Somes
Blac Chyna and Wendy Williams || Image credit: @therealwendywilliamsonline @blacchyna

Wendy Williams took off her wig during the emotional reunion with Blac Chyna in the New Lifetime Documentary.

The former TV host and reality star reveal their unlikely friendship in a touching moment in the upcoming film.

The latest video appears a day after Williams’ sister, niece, and brother spoke out about her mental health and alcoholism issues, which are extensively documented in the biographical film.

Wendy Williams became friends with the controversial reality star Blac Chyna after she appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” in 2020.

Wendy and Chyna were seated on a sofa in the Wendy Williams Show host’s apartment.

Chyna admitted that she had been transforming herself since their last conversation, attributing the positive changes to her mentorship.

“I, like recently, been changing my life since we last spoke. You’ve always been like, honest with me and put me in my place in the most motherly, kind way. That’s why I love you so much,” Blac Chyna began.

Wendy Williams, in a Gucci coat featuring blue fur trim, immediately teared up while chatting with Chyna. Williams, known for her various wigs, removed the one she was wearing to reveal her real hair.

Blac Chyna continued, “Because even when I was going through my darkest times, you never used that against me. You know what I mean? And that’s how you know that the love is genuine. It’s always going to be there.

“You know I will always be there for you.”

‘Where is Wendy Williams?’ shows shocking and painful scenes from the star’s life after her show was canceled in 2022 and she was placed under court guardianship. The cameras capture everything, including her alcoholism and a variety of health issues.

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