This Mom Of Twins’ Postpartum Experience Spurs Her To Create A Digital App To Help Expecting Mothers

by Gee NY
Kearney’s company offers a certification program for culturally competent care. Image Credit: Buck Ennis

In a groundbreaking move to address the critical gaps in maternal healthcare, Jade Kearney Dube, the visionary behind the digital health platform She Matters, is revolutionizing the landscape with the launch of the Symptom Tracker app.

This innovative tool, born from Kearney Dube’s personal journey and subsequent epiphany, aims to empower expecting and new mothers by providing crucial monitoring for blood pressure and symptoms related to pregnancy complications.

Kearney Dube’s inspiration for the Symptom Tracker app stems from her own harrowing postpartum experience, during which she felt overlooked and underserved by the healthcare system.

Discharged from the hospital with minimal support and equipped with only a refrigerator magnet to monitor her blood pressure, Kearney Dube realized the urgent need for accessible, proactive solutions for maternal health.

“I’m on the third floor, and I have kids all around me. There needs to be something that’s on my body that can tell me, one, my heart rate is high, and that I may be in danger of high blood pressure,” Kearney Dube emphasized in an interview with Afrotech.

Driven by her profound encounter and passionate mission to prioritize the well-being of Black mothers, Kearney Dube expanded the She Matters platform to incorporate the Symptom Tracker app.

This cutting-edge technology will enable users to monitor vital health metrics and identify warning signs of conditions such as preeclampsia, eclampsia, and HELLP syndrome.

The introduction of the Symptom Tracker app coincides with a significant milestone for She Matters, as the company secures an additional $2 million in funding.

With this latest infusion of capital, She Matters’ total raise now stands at an impressive $3.5 million, underscoring the widespread recognition and support for Kearney Dube’s pioneering initiatives in maternal healthcare.

As She Matters continues to lead the charge in advancing maternal health equity, the Symptom Tracker app represents a monumental step towards empowering women with the tools and resources they need to navigate pregnancy and childbirth safely and confidently.

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