Black HVAC Worker Records Woman Calling Police Accusing Him of Threatening Her While Trying to Do His Job

by Xara Aziz

Unsettling video has surfaced showing the moments a woman is seen phoning police to inform them that she is being threatened by a Black man, who seemingly is minding his own business while at work.

On Wednesday, an HVAC technician named Alonzo Harmon posted a TikTok video of him recording the woman as she stood outside a garage in Golden Valley, Minnesota. He is first seen recording himself asking the woman, “What threat did I make towards you?”

Moments later, she begins crying uncontrollably while telling police on the phone, “Please, please, please! I’m so scared right now! I’m shaking right now! Please, please! … I’m so scared!”

Harmon looks back at her in disbelief before walking away.


Here’s a sample of what life is like being a black man in America 🙇🏾‍♂️ #fypシ #viral #happyblackhistorymonth🖤 #karensgoingwild

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“What? What in the world is this?” he asks while looking at the camera. “I have never in my life had to deal with no bullsh*t like this.”

The video’s caption reads, “Here’s a sample of what life is like being a black man in America.” The caption also included the hashtag #happyblackhistorymonth.

To date, the video has been seen almost one million times and has garnered over 80,000 comments.

According to The Daily Beast, the incident unfolded when he arrived at the woman’s home to clean her air ducts. He said he immediately sensed something was off because the woman kept cutting him off when he tried to explain the work he was doing in her home.  

“When I entered the home,” Harmon told the publication, “the first thing she says to me is, ‘They let you do a job like this?’”

She then followed him around and questioned whether he worked for the company. She would soon contact the police after he told her that he was leaving because he did not feel comfortable performing the work in her home.

“She basically was putting my life in danger,” Harmon said. “Because of what’s going on in the world with Black men and police obviously, police brutality, stuff like that, and just the way that she tried to portray what was going on.”

The Golden Valley Police Department arrived on the scene and left without taking any action.

Harmon says he thinks her actions were racially motivated, but would not specify the woman’s race, although he did say that there was a language barrier between him and the woman.

“You’re basically grilling me as I approach your home,” Harmon said. “There can’t be any other reason for you to be doing this, you know?”

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