SHOCKING!: Naomi Osaka’s Older Sister Mari Accuses Their Father Of Abuse And Harassment

by Gee NY

In a shocking revelation, Naomi Osaka’s older sister, Mari Osaka, has accused their father, Leonard Francois, of abuse and harassment in a now-deleted Instagram post.

The 27-year-old tennis player didn’t mince words, detailing the alleged mistreatment she endured throughout her life.

In the post, Mari expressed her disappointment and disgust with her father, claiming he has subjected her to abuse since childhood and continues to harass their mother, Tamaki Osaka.

Mari Osaka retired from tennis at age 24 in 2021, saying she doesn’t enjoy the sport

She accused him of emotional abuse and trespassing into their home, escalating the situation to a point where Mari has decided to make the matter public.

“I’m making this public knowledge because you are a coward who hides behind his physical ability to beat me down, and our refusal to call the cops on you. This is it, I’m really done with you, and the next time I see your face, I am calling the police. Consider this a threat,” Mari wrote.

The tennis player revealed that her father threatened to harm her again and vowed to fight back for herself and her mother. Despite the serious allegations, the post was shared briefly before Mari deleted her social media accounts.

Fans expressed their support in the comments, with one person sending hugs and kindness, while another acknowledged the complexity of the situation, saying:

“Wow! Naomi’s sister Mari Osaka posted this on her IG, then deleted her account. Hard to know what to think.”

The family turmoil unfolded as Naomi Osaka, a four-time Grand Slam singles champion, recently made a comeback to tournament matches, participating in the Brisbane International in Australia after a 15-month hiatus. However, her personal life has taken center stage with these serious accusations against her father.

Notably, neither Naomi nor her father has addressed Mari’s allegations, leaving the public in suspense about the family’s dynamics.

As fans speculate on the situation, Naomi Osaka is set to compete in the Australian Open in Melbourne, starting on January 14.

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