Body Part Found On Beach Identified As That Of 19-Year-Old Sade Robinson Killed, Dismembered On First Date

by Gee NY
College Student Sade Robinson's Dismembered Body Found After Her First Date

Police have identified the arm found last month on an Illinois beach as belonging to Sade Robinson, who was killed and dismembered 50 miles away.

The confirmation was given to Robinson’s family last Tuesday, June 18, 2024, NBC News reports.

Robinson, 19, was murdered after a first date with Maxwell Anderson, 33.

The gruesome discovery began on April 2, when a severed human leg was found in southern Milwaukee. DNA testing confirmed it was Robinson’s.

Within a week, additional remains, including a torso, an arm, a severed right leg, and a foot, were found in various locations around Milwaukee.

Robinson was reported missing the morning after her date with Anderson when she failed to show up for work. Phone records revealed she had been texting Anderson the night of their date, expressing a craving for seafood.

Authorities tracked Robinson’s movements that evening, showing she visited a seafood restaurant, a nearby sports bar, Anderson’s home, and finally the park where her leg was discovered.

Anderson has been charged with Robinson’s murder and has pleaded not guilty.

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