‘Stop Clowning Hard Work!’: Pretty Vee Faces Heat For Honorary Degree

by Grace Somes
Pretty Vee || Image credit: @yesiamprettyvee

The announcement of popular comedian Pretty Vee’s honorary degree has ignited strong reactions on social media.

Pretty Vee, known for her hilarious skits and brief fling with Rick Ross, took to social media to celebrate her latest accolade—a prestigious honorary degree from Global International Alliance.

Looking smart in her graduation gown and cap, Pretty Vee praised her support system for their contributions to her career.

“Big God, Don’t play about me! May God Keep Adding To My Resume. Wow, Just Wow!!! Thank everyone for your support, and thank you, Global International Alliance, for my first Honorary Doctoral Degree. This moment is a big deal for me, and I won’t take it lightly! I deserve everything that Jesus has for me.

“Wake up every day expecting greatness and acceleration, even when people doubt you! God always has the last say!

While many of her fans and followers congratulated her on her accomplishment, not everyone was satisfied. A barrage of angry responses flooded the comment sections of her social media platforms.

Critics argue that honorary degrees undermine the hard work of those who have studied and sacrificed for years to obtain their qualifications.


According to NC State University, an honorary degree is an academic degree for which a university (or other degree-granting institution) waives the standard degree requirements. The degree is frequently awarded to recognize a distinguished individual’s contributions to a specific field or society.

Despite the backlash, Pretty Vee continued to share more photos and a video from the awarding ceremony.


“From now on, address me as Dr.Excell,” she captioned the photo. I am very honored and blessed to receive my First Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism!”

“Thank You, Jesus, Mother, Family, and Friends, For Always Supporting Me Through It All! This Moment Right Here Is ALL GOD…. Thank You, Global International Alliance, for acknowledging my philanthropy efforts!”


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