Ciara Faces Criticism For Inviting White Santa Claus During Home Visit With Kids

by Gee NY

In the spirit of Christmas, celebrity power couple Ciara and Russell Wilson arranged a special visit from Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus for their children at their Los Angeles estate.

However, the decision to have a white Santa Claus has sparked controversy and criticism on social media.

Ciara shared the festive moments on Instagram on December 22, revealing that the Clauses brought gifts, danced, and read books to their children.

The couple’s three children, Future Zahir, Sienna Princess, and Win Harrison, appeared thrilled with the surprise visit. Mrs. Claus even held the newest addition to the family, baby Amora Princess, born on December 11.

Despite the joyous occasion, social media users expressed disapproval, criticizing Ciara and Russell for not choosing a Black Santa.

Some comments voiced concerns, with one person stating:

“White Santa and his wife would never be in my s—t hugging my kids.”

Another questioned:

“They couldn’t find a Black one?”

This isn’t the first time the couple faced criticism for having white Santas. One comment pointed out, “Alright now this the third year with no Black Mr and Mrs. Klaus.”

However, defenders of the couple argued that the children are surrounded by Black excellence in their everyday lives and don’t need a fictitious character to be Black.

One comment highlighted:

“The kids are growing up surrounded by black excellence, REAL people to look up to and admire. They don’t need a fictitious character to be black.”

Another comment suggested that the focus should be on the positive impact Ciara and Russell have in their community, noting their efforts to fight poverty through education and empower youth through the Why Not You Foundation.

Amid the debate over the race of Santa Claus, some comments urged everyone to “continue to protect this black family,” emphasizing the model examples Ciara, Russell, and their children are in promoting Black excellence and giving back to various charitable causes.

In the end, many pointed out that children, in their innocence, do not care about the color of Santa, focusing on the joy and magic of the holiday season.

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