Cardi B Takes A Stand: Defends Will Smith While Backtracking On Forgiving Tasha K – “Some People Never Learn!”

by Grace Somes
Cardi B, Will Smith and Tasha K Image credit: @iamcardib @willsmith @unwinewithtashak

Cardi B is reconsidering forgiving Tasha K after the blogger dropped a jaw-dropping interview outing Will Smith as gay.

Cardi B has become the first celebrity to stand up for Will Smith after his supposed ex-personal assistant said he caught Will Smith having sex with co-star Duane Martin.

The rapper took to her Instagram live to slam Tasha K for entertaining hearsay that might do terrible damage before the truth comes out.

In 2021, Cardi B dragged Tasha K to court for defamation after the YouTuber leveled allegations of drug use, STD, and prostitution against the rapper.

At the end of the trial, a federal judge awarded a $4 million verdict against Tasha K, who promptly filed for bankruptcy but was told that they could not save her from paying most of the judgment. So, Tasha K technically owes Cardi B $3.4 million.

Although the “Money” rapper previously softened her stance and considered putting her legal issues with Tasha K to bed after the social media personality apologized, she may have changed her mind because of Will Smith.

“I don’t like how I was fooled a couple of weeks ago. Some people just never change. And you want to know something? I don’t like what people are doing to Will Smith. I feel like Will Smith is very unproblematic,” Cardi B started her rant.

The rapper continued to call out journalists who do not verify and allow people to make absurd claims on their platforms. She also added that bloggers tend to overlook the consequences of these allegations and “how this is going to affect this person’s mental health.”

Cardi B said, “I’m so tired of people picking on that man. And I feel like it’s not even your job as a journalist. You should be able to detect whether somebody is bullshitting or not. Because anybody can say something about anybody.”

” Is this worth f**king somebody’s mind?” she questioned.

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