Ilhan Omar Joins Daughter for Pro-Palestine Protest at Columbia University Amid Campus Tensions

by Gee NY
Ilhan Omar and her daughter Hirsi

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar accompanied her daughter, Isra Hirsi, as she returned to Columbia University this week to participate in a pro-Palestine protest, despite facing a ban from the campus.

Hirsi, a junior majoring in sociology at Columbia’s sister school, Barnard, was suspended over her involvement in demonstrations advocating for peace in Gaza.

The suspension came after Hirsi and fellow activists set up tents on school grounds, demanding action regarding Israel’s actions in Palestine. Evicted from the dormitories and banned from campus, Hirsi returned to Columbia on Thursday, joined by her mother, a prominent progressive figure.

Rep. Omar shared a video of the event on social media, expressing admiration for the students’ “bravery and courage” in protesting for peace and against the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Tensions between administrators and activist students have intensified at Columbia University amid negotiations over the encampment.

Despite warnings of suspension, dozens of students, including Hirsi, continued their protests, resulting in multiple arrests.

In a statement on social media, Hirsi revealed her suspension and stating her involvement with Columbia University Apartheid Divest, advocating for the school to divest from pro-Israel companies.

The coalition staged demonstrations at the university gates, chanting slogans demanding action.

The protests coincide with a congressional hearing on antisemitism at the university, where President Nemat Shafik faced questions from Omar regarding the suspensions and evictions of students.

Shafik defended the school’s actions, citing students’ refusal to comply with university policies.

With tensions escalating, the university sought assistance from the New York Police Department after students occupied part of the campus for 30 hours. Mayor Eric Adams addressed the situation, emphasizing the importance of upholding laws and regulations.

As the demonstrations continue, the clash between student activism and university administration underscores the ongoing debate surrounding Palestinian rights and academic freedom.

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