Chloe Bailey: ‘I’m a Pretty Sexual Being’

by Yah Yah
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Singer Chloe Bailey sat down for an interview, where she addressed her raunchier image.

The singer initially rose to prominence as one half of Chloe x Halle, but as the sisters branched out to work on projects solo, Bailey’s embrace of her sexuality caused some discomfort.

Simply put — many felt the starlet’s assumed newfound sexuality to be forced… she says this isn’t the case.

“The funny thing is, I haven’t changed at all. Even though my sister and I [launched] our different Instagrams and you saw us as individuals, a lot of that content was [already] on my finsta for my friends and family,” Bailey tells Billboard.

“I’m a pretty sexual being and I feel confident in who I am and in the skin I’m in. I think it’s so beautiful when humans appreciate their bodies because that’s what carries us through in the world and it’s not a nasty or gross thing. I just turned 23 this year, I’m not a teenager, I’m not a little kid anymore and I’m really happy that people are seeing that. It definitely wasn’t forced. It wasn’t anything new. The real me was always there, people are just now seeing me 360.”

Bailey is working hard on her debut solo album, which she says is almost complete — about 90% complete.

Despite all eyes being on her, she says she does not feel any pressure to succeed.

“I don’t feel pressure when it comes to awards and accolades — I feel pressure with making myself proud and making sure that I’m saying and singing the things that I want to say and sing,” she explains. “I’m not going to lie [and say] that it doesn’t go through my mind, like, “I hope people like this sound from me, because it’s different from what me and my sister do together.” Other than that, as long as I’m walking in my light and my purpose, I’m OK.”

Well, okay then!

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