Chrisean Rock Sparks Outrage, Says War In Gaza Happening Because Palestinians “Don’t Believe In Jesus”

by Grace Somes
Chrisean Rock ||Image credit: @chrisean

Chrisean Rock claimed the war in Gaza was a sign of the second coming of Christ, claiming, “things always happen for a reason.”

Chrisean Rock may just get canceled this time around for good after she shared her opinion on the war happening in Gaza, which has claimed thousands of innocent young lives.

During a recent Instagram Live talk, the reality TV star and her sister shared thoughts on the plight of the Palestine people amid the war in Gaza.

Chrisean blamed the Gaza conflict on the Palestinian’s religious beliefs while justifying the bloodshed, claiming the war was fulfilling scripture.

The Vibe hitmaker criticized the Islamic religion and even made references to how they worshiped.

“They are bowing down to a God. And they are making big palaces off it. Cause I’ve seen a video of where they pray. There are cockroaches and infested. So, what is God trying to tell us? That’s what I want to know from this whole situation. What is the message behind the chaos? Yeah, we know war, the war. But things always happen for a reason, and it’s happening. What is the reason behind it? Not the economic or political reason? I want to know the spiritual reason behind it,” Chrisean pointed out.

Chrisean Rock further gave more substance to her “theory” behind the ragging war in the region.

“I feel like all that stuff is happening where Jesus was born for a reason. It has to correlate to something about God. That’s where Jesus was born, but it’s like a lot of people over there don’t pray to Jesus,” she continued. They’re praying to Allah, and they say Jesus just was a prophet. So, I thought it had something to do with that,” she stated.

Social media users have since called for her cancellation once clips surfaced online.

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