Chrisette Michele on Calls for Her to Be ‘Uncanceled’: ‘What Does My Role As FEMALE Play In This Story?’

by Shine My Crown Staff

For the past five years, Chrisette Michele has been canceled by social media for endorsing President Donald Trump.


Michele performed at his inauguration celebrations and her performance was seen as an endorsement.

Last week, Kanye West released his “DONDA” album, which is on track to move the equivalent of 350,000 units — and fans are now asking whether it’s time to “uncancel” Michele.

She weighed in on the issue: “I always wonder how to respond to this question,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

“It’s actually the reason I don’t do interviews anymore. Being compared to Kanye & Travis [Greene] for the last 5 years. Watching them soar into the highest realms of stardom. Waiting on God’s hand to show me exactly what my story will look like,” she continued. “I’ve made a choice to stay full of gratitude and master peace, but today, this post has inspired me to allow the energy of comparison to enter my feed.”

She then asked what others would do if they were in her position:

“Would you release new music if you were me? What would you sing about? Who would you sing to? Why? What does my role as FEMALE play in this story? What about my role as Christian? How about my role as it compares to Kanye & Travis?”

She makes a valid point. Why has she not been welcomed back with open arms but her male counterparts have? Ye’s run for president threatened to snatch vital votes away from the Biden campaign.

It’s not the first time she has spoken out about being shunned over Trump.

In 2019, she sat down for an interview with The Washington Post.

“People didn’t feel hopeful from that moment,” Michele said at the time. “They didn’t feel represented in that moment. They felt misrepresented. They felt further misunderstood, and they felt the person they were depending on to speak on their behalf just betrayed them.”

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