Kamala Harris Confident About Biden Victory For 2024 Regardless Of Trump’s Likely Return

by Gee NY

Vice President Kamala Harris has conveyed unwavering confidence in the success of the Biden campaign in the upcoming 2024 election, irrespective of the Republican Party’s choice for presidential nominee.

In an interview with ABC News ahead of the Iowa caucuses, Harris boldly asserted:

“No matter who the Republican nominee is, we’re winning. We’re winning.” When questioned about the possibility of a rematch against former President Donald Trump, Harris affirmed, “If it is Donald Trump, we beat him before, and we’ll beat him again.”

As the Iowa caucuses unfolded, the Fox News Decision Desk announced Trump’s rapid triumph at 8:31 pm ET, marking a historic victory with the largest margin in the history of Iowa’s Republican presidential caucuses.

Trump’s decisive win established him as a formidable contender in his quest to return to the White House.

In response to Trump’s victory, President Joe Biden acknowledged him as the “clear front-runner on the other side at this point.” Biden emphasized the election dynamics as a contest between his administration and “extreme MAGA Republicans.”

Despite Trump’s formidable performance, Harris reiterated her confidence in Biden’s potential to secure victory in a hypothetical rematch.

Former President Donald Trump reacts to supporters during a commit to caucus rally, Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2023, in Waterloo, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

This assurance has been a consistent theme in Harris’s statements, emphasizing the clarity of choice when Americans cast their votes on Election Day.

In a late October interview with CBS’ Bill Whitaker, Harris dismissed concerns about running neck and neck with Trump, stating:

“Bill, we’re going to win. Let me just tell you that. We’re going to win. And I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. But we will win.”

Harris expressed conviction in the democratic process, emphasizing the collective effort required for success.

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