Ciara, Married with Children, Faces Backlash After Teasing New Song For ‘Girls That Don’t Need No Man’

by Xara Aziz

Some Ciara fans aren’t too happy about a new single the singer has just released, suggesting that the lyrics are hypocritical of the lifestyle she lives.

In a recent post on Instagram, the Goodies singer and dancer teased her new song entitled For Da Girls, where she is seen in a studio singing:

This is for the girls getting money/this is for the girls that don’t need no man/this is for the girls whose in love with they-self/this for all the girls who done did it by they self.

She then spells out the word “independent” before the chorus begins to play.

 “This is for my girls, this is for my girls, aye,” the singer then sings in the video while the record plays. “This is so good.”

Some fans appeared to like the song by signifying their nod of approval.

“Us women not playing in 2023 go offfffff sis we finally learning to put US first and walking away from anything that’s not aligning with our purpose or giving us the desires of our heart and I love that for US letsssss go,” one fan commented.

“Chale…that Atlanta flow never leaves you and I’m proud! Aye!” another wrote.

But others had choice words for the 37-year-old mother of three.

“This is embarrassing to watch a married woman sing a song like this. You do not care about the black women in your community,” one fan wrote. “You could easily make love songs since you are in love with your husband but, you are purposefully choosing to make a doing that will encourage the women in our community to stay single bc you know that’s what sells and makes money. Please make it make sense. BRING BACK LOVE SONGS and stop trying to rob your community.”

Another wrote: “You married tho sis.”

Her comment section then became a writing fighting match as fans debated back and forth about whether the lyrics of the song were appropriate or otherwise.

“Do people not realize these artist job is to make music for ‘THE PEOPLE’ she doesn’t have to relate!! It’s for the girls who can relate to JAM OUT TO DUH I hate the world just live to find negativity in every single thing! It’s like telling an actor not to ACT, how would that sound?”

Ciara and Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson met in 2015 and married a year later. They share three children: Future Zahir, Sienna Princess and Win Harrison.

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