12-Year-Old Former Pre-Teen Beauty Queen Janae Madison Launches Fitness Planner

by Gee NY
Janae Madison. Image credit: janaemadison.com

In a remarkable display of determination and innovation, 12-year-old Janae Madison, hailing from Georgia, is breaking barriers and inspiring young girls with her latest venture.

As a multi-talented actress, model, and advocate for fitness and empowerment, Janae is proving that age is no obstacle to making a significant impact.

Having already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with appearances in movies, TV sitcoms, and national commercials, including notable projects like the promo for Spider-Man across the Spider-Verse and collaborations with the Food Lion grocery chain, Janae is no stranger to the spotlight.

Yet, beyond her achievements on screen, she is dedicated to uplifting and empowering young girls.

As the former Miss Pre-Teen Georgia, Janae has long championed self-confidence and self-care, encouraging girls to embrace their uniqueness and prioritize their health.

Her latest endeavor, the “Fitness With Janae” planner, is a testament to her commitment to promoting wellness and fitness among her peers.

The fitness planner, designed with daily affirmations and QR codes linking to workout tutorials, aims to help girls stay focused and motivated on their fitness journeys.

With Janae’s guidance and encouragement, young girls can embark on a path to health and well-being while having fun along the way.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Janae is also the founder of Glamour Girl Fitness, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls through workshops, fitness classes, and motivational talks.

Her tagline, “We Don’t Make Excuses, We Make It Fun!”, encapsulates her mission to make exercise enjoyable for all.

Janae’s passion for fitness is rooted in her upbringing, coming from a fitness-oriented family where she began working out at the age of four under her parents’ guidance. Now, she hopes to inspire kids of all ages to embrace a healthy lifestyle and foster a lifelong love for physical activity.

In addition to her commitment to health and wellness, Janae is also dedicated to giving back to the community. Through collaborations with nonprofits like Books Without Borders, Inc., she has helped provide healthcare coverage to thousands of children in Ghana.

Janae’s “Fitness With Janae” planner is now available for purchase on Amazon, offering a valuable resource for young girls looking to embark on their fitness journey.

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