Ciara’s Husband Russell Wilson Says God Ordered Him To Raise Future’s Son After First Date With Ciara

by Grace Somes
Ciara, Russell and Future son || Image credit: @ciara @future

Russell Wilson, stepfather of Future’s child, explains the moment the Holy Spirit gave him parenting clarity concerning Future Zahir Wilburn.

The professional football player said God told him on the first day he met Future’s son that he would be responsible for his little future.

Ciara met Russell after ending her engagement to Future after a series of alleged cheating throughout their relationship. And that was also the same year Ciara gave birth to their son Zahir Wilburn Jr. in 2014

She met Russell in 2015, and Russell quickly embraced the stepfather role.

During an interview with Brandon Marshall on the I Am Athlete podcast, Wilson reflected on how he knew Ciara would be his wife. He said this happened after he wrote down the type of woman he wanted in his life during dinner with a friend. Three days after writing that note, he met Ciara and fell in love with her.

NFL star claimed that consulting God helped him understand that he needed to raise his stepson. He recounted the first day he met his wife’s eldest child and how that became a turning point in his life. 

“When I walked in the room, I saw little Future. He was nine months old at the time or whatever. He crawled in my lap, and it was like, you know, this is going to be my responsibility,” said Wilson.

The Superbowl continued, “I remember leaving that night, and God said to me, ‘Raising this child is going to be your responsibility.’ I prayed to God, asking, ‘Are you sure this is what you want me to do?’ He said, ‘Son, this is for you.'”

By all accounts, he treats Future Zahir as one of his own children, much to the disappointment of you-know-who.

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