Coi Leray Reacts to Rolling Loud Miami Critics: ‘I Got Good Problems’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Boston rapper Coi Leray took to social media once again to defend another performance.

This time, the rapper performed at Rolling Loud Miami, but judging from the footage, the crowd just wasn’t feeling it.

Since crossing over into the mainstream, Coi has faced heavy criticism about her rap skills, her uber slim body and her overall performances. While she always appears to give her best, it never seems quite good enough for the spectators and her Rolling Loud Miami performance went viral for the wrong reasons.

But Coi is always full of confidence and took to social media to respond to her “haters.”

“Just wanna say thank you for all the love I get. I’m so loved by so many people it blocks out the hate. You love me I love you. Forever,” she tweeted.

“It’s about over 100 artist who performed on that lineup and all people wanna do is eat up my cack. Lol. Gotta love this sh-t fr I got good problems.”

It was just a fortnight ago when the rapper was forced to defend her XXL Freshman freestyle.

“You thought I was about to spit the hottest fire flame,” she bragged. “Let me tell y’all something…I feel like, personally, I had the best XXL freestyle. Me and Lakeyah fa sho had the best XXL freestyle. Especially my whole class of the cyphers. I haven’t even heard the cyphers, other cyphers yet. And I know we had the best cypher. Especially me.”

The rapper’s single “No More Parties” charted on the Billboard Hot 100, Rolling Stone 100 and on the Apple Music Top 20. It also reached 21 on Spotify’s Viral Hits.

However, if critics think that a few hurtful tweets is going to keep the rising rapper down, it seems they’re sorely mistaken. Coi is showing no signs of giving up.

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