Cristina Mackey Disses Rick Ross’s Fling With Pretty Vee, Says There’s Levels To Everything – “Where’s The Flowers? Show Me”

by Grace Somes
Cristina Mackay and Pretty Vee || Image credit: @yesiamprettyvee @cristinamackay

Cristina Mackey is fearlessly vocal about her relationship with Rick Ross, and she doesn’t care who gets thrown under the bus as long as she basks in all his love – and money.

The Instagram fitness model bulldozed all of Rozay’s past relationships

According to Rick Ross’s new boo, none of his old relationships can compare to the one that she shares with the American rapper

While appearing on an episode of the Cali Kickback podcast, Mackay addressed fans who still mention Pretty Vee in her comments whenever she posts her fun time with her bae. 

“It doesn’t make me feel any way at all. I think it’s funny. It’s just there are levels to everything. And that was never this,” she began confidently.

“Whatever they had is not what we have. Simple. It’s no disrespect to anybody,” Cristina Mackay continued. “But whatever y’all think they had is not what we, for sure, have. So, I’m not worried about it.”

Pretty Vee confirmed her relationship with Rick Ross during her recent appearance on Revolt TV’s Black Girl Stuff talk show. The comedian explained that their relationship goes much deeper than the surface, listing things that attracted her to him.

But according to Cristina Mackay, Pretty Vee (and all the others before her) had a very basic relationship with the millionaire.

“Where’s the pictures of them holding hands? And them kissing? And then on the jet together in Dubai? Where’s that at? Where’s the flowers? Where’s all that?”, she asked Lewis Belt. 

 Mackay confidently added, “Show me where he did that with anybody. Show me. Line them up. Show me where he did like he’s doing with me with anybody.”

Cristina Mackay is rumored to be the 21st woman linked to the successful rapper. And Pretty Vee happens to be the most recent one before Cristina!

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