Doja Cat Slammed For Wearing Shirt With “Neo-Nazi” White Comic On It

by Gee NY

Singer and songwriter, Doja Cat, came under fire on Friday, Oct 6. 2023, after posting a photo of herself wearing a T-shirt with controversial comic Sam Hyde on it.

Hyde, a comedian, has been accused of having ties to the neo-Nazi movement.

On Friday, Doja posted photos of herself on Instagram wearing a black tee that showcased Hyde holding a rifle.

Fans immediately took to Instagram to express their disappointment over the “Paint the Town Red” singer’s choice of clothing.

The rapper has since deleted the post.

Doja-Cat removed the photos that showcased Hyde on her social media following the backlash.

On X, formerly Twitter, one person commented:

“Imagine being a pick me for incels… like doja cat is really trying her best to be cancelled and un-famous [sic] again just so she can get back to those racial chat rooms full time.”

Another person called her a terrible person:

“Doja Cat gets away with being a TERRIBLE person because she has that cringe ‘quirky’ white incel panderer thing going on for her. It’s kinda hard to look at someone like that and be like ‘oh she’s the devil’, you’re only like ‘her stoopid [sic] ass has started again’ and move on.”

Others used unsavory words to describe her:

“Doja cat is a trailer trash white woman hands down. She ain’t no dummy tho because she’s catering to that cult so if a lot of her Black fans fall off she can still maintain her career.”

In June 2017, Hyde pledged $5,000 to neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin and his website, the Daily Stormer, amid the latter’s legal battle with the Southern Poverty Law Center over his alleged “trolling” of a Jewish woman.

The popular prankster, 38, developed a following consisting of white nationalists, misogynists and antisemites.

Doja, 27, has not responded to the criticism and backlash.

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