Grandma And Her Grandson Made History This Year By Winning A $50,000 Jackpot On Wheel Of Fortune

by Gee NY

In May this year Retta Alexander and her grandson, Julian, hailing from Moss Point, Mississippi, basked in the glory of their triumph on the popular TV game show, Wheel of Fortune.

The dynamic duo’s journey to victory commenced with a stringent selection process, involving virtual interviews.

After successfully navigating the screening, they were granted the golden opportunity to travel to California and partake in the iconic television program.

For Retta Alexander and Julian, Wheel of Fortune holds a special place in their hearts. The show has been a cherished pastime for both, and participating in it was nothing short of a dream come true.

“I’ve been watching Wheel of Fortune since I was a little itty-bitty kid. It’s always been my dream to go on Wheel of Fortune,” shared an ecstatic Alexander in an interview with WLOX.

The support from Alexander’s family was palpable, with an organized watch party that resonated with cheers and encouragement throughout the show.

Alexander’s tenacity and adept gameplay bore fruit as she skillfully navigated the challenges, ultimately securing an impressive $50,000 jackpot.

“I came home with the prize of knowing I fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams and everything,” added Alexander, expressing her joy and fulfillment in realizing a cherished ambition.

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