Doll Company Owned By A Mom And Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Secure Historic Partnerships With Target And Amazon

by Gee NY

Orijin Bees, the dynamic Black-owned doll company founded by 9-year-old Esi Orijin and her mother, Melissa, is achieving new milestones, transcending from Oprah’s coveted list – Oprah’s Favorite Things – to securing a prominent place in Target’s extensive aisles.

The endorsement from Oprah Winfrey not only propelled Orijin Bees’ Baby Bee Collection into the limelight but also brought attention to the brand’s dedication to diversity and representation.

Now, the entire Nu’Bee Plush Baby Doll Collection, celebrated for its inclusivity and cultural richness, has found a home in Target stores and online, spreading joy to children of all backgrounds.

This success story expands further as Orijin Bees earns a spot in the 2023 Holiday Toy Books of both Amazon and Target, solidifying its status as a must-have for the festive season.

This accomplishment not only speaks to the quality and appeal of Orijin Bees’ products but also underscores the growing demand for diverse and culturally relevant toys in the market.

The brand’s strategic move into Target is a testament to its commitment to accessibility, aiming to reach a broader audience.

By partnering with the retail giant, Orijin Bees ensures that more families can embrace the beauty of the Nu’Bee Plush Baby Doll Collection and celebrate the rich diversity it represents.

As Orijin Bees continues to shatter barriers and reshape the toy industry landscape, it stands as an inspiring example of how inclusivity and representation can drive success.

Melissa said recently:

“Our brand is not just a doll company; it’s a celebration of diversity, culture, and the power of a dream realized.”

Discover more about Orijin Bees on its official website at

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