Angela Bassett Shares Her Keys To Raising Successful Children: ‘I Don’t Have Average Children’

by Gee NY
Angela Bassett on January 9, 2024 in Hollywood, California. Photo: VALERIE MACON/GETTY

Award-winning actress Angela Bassett recently shared the invaluable lesson her mother imparted to her and her sister during their upbringing in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Speaking to the graduating class at Spelman College in Atlanta, Bassett reflected on her mother’s unwavering commitment to excellence, revealing the phrase that fueled their journey: “I don’t have average children.”

Bassett’s childhood was marked by high expectations, instilled by her mother, Betty Bassett, who encouraged her daughters to dream beyond their surroundings.

This ethos of expecting greatness played a pivotal role in shaping Bassett’s resilience and perseverance, essential qualities for navigating challenges and embracing risks later in life.

Research underscores the significance of fostering optimism in children, as it cultivates a mindset that views obstacles as opportunities for growth.

Bassett’s mother exemplified this optimism, fostering an environment where setbacks were viewed as stepping stones rather than barriers.

While Bassett’s family initially questioned her pursuit of a career in the arts, concerned about its financial viability, her mother’s unwavering support ultimately prevailed.

Parenting experts endorse this approach, advocating for parents to nurture their children’s passions and instill confidence in their abilities, irrespective of societal norms or doubts.

For Bassett, staying true to her purpose led to academic success, including three degrees from Yale University, and a storied career in Hollywood.

Her journey is a testament to the power of parental encouragement and the importance of fostering resilience and determination in children.

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