Inappropriate? The Game’s Teenage Daugther Sparks Debate With ‘Way Too Intimate’ Photos Of Herself And Dad

by Grace Somes
The Game and his daughter, Cali Dream Taylor || Image credit: @losangelosconfidential

13-year-old Cali Dream Taylor and her father, The Game, have provoked a contentious online discussion by sharing images featuring the two making “intimate” physical contact and raising questions about proper father-daughter relationships.

Their recent pictures are not the first time the father-daughter duo sparked controversy with their “weird” relationship.

Earlier this year, The Game came under fire after social media users took issue with how he chose to celebrate his daughter Cali’s middle school graduation.

The 44-year-old father shared a private moment on Instagram on Thursday, June 6, using a picture of himself and his daughter wearing her graduation gown and cap. In his caption, he praised his daughter’s academic accomplishments and expressed his profound thoughts on fatherhood, calling it the “greatest part” of his life.

Many people on social media speculated about the intention of his post, assuming the absolute worst. Some even thought it was a marriage proposal due to an image of The Game on one knee giving his daughter a flower.

In one of the snaps, which has seemingly been taken down, the 44-year-old can be seen planting a sweet kiss on his daughter’s cheek.

Another image showed the emcee lifting the teenager’s legs on his lap while burying his face in her shoulder. A final one showed him kissing her cheeks while holding her legs in his lap.

Some fans expressed discomfort with the degree of physical intimacy. In contrast, others defended the images, saying they just showed a loving parent-child bond.

“I have a dad, and we never took pictures like this. That’s me, though,” a fan wrote.

Another added, “Not going to lie, coming from an affectionate Dad, even this is STILL too much for me…”

“These poses are not normal for father/daughter. End of discussion,” someone commented.

Nobody seems to question The Game’s devotion as a father, but some people have strong concerns about how he shows his daughter his love.

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