Karine Jean-Pierre Rushed Down From Podium To Assist After Reporter Collapsed During White House Press Briefing: Watch

by Gee NY

The White House press briefing on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, saw an unexpected interruption when a medical emergency occurred.

During the session, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre halted proceedings mid-question as a sudden cry for help rang out from the room.

Without hesitation, she swiftly descended from the podium to offer assistance after a reporter collapsed.

“Wait, did someone pass out?” Jean-Pierre inquired, her concern palpable, while the White House medical team rushed to aid the individual, apparently overcome by the intense heat.

After a brief period, Jean-Pierre returned to the podium, relieved that the affected person was receiving necessary medical attention.

“Apologies for the interruption. Hopefully, she’s doing okay,” Jean-Pierre remarked, acknowledging the unsettling moment. Responding to a remark about the heat, she concurred, “Yes, it is quite warm in here.”

Before resuming the briefing, Jean-Pierre checked in with the gathered correspondents, asking if anyone required water. The White House has not yet provided further details regarding the condition of the individual involved.

On Tuesday, temperatures soared to a high of 92 degrees in Washington, D.C., with humidity making it feel closer to 98 degrees.

This spike in temperatures is part of a broader heatwave affecting tens of millions across the Midwest and Northeast regions this week.

According to FOX Weather reports, a significant high-pressure system settled over the East Coast, pushing temperatures into the 90s in cities such as Washington, D.C., New York City, and Boston.

This heatwave is expected to persist throughout the week, with forecasts indicating temperatures could climb to 100 degrees or more in Washington, D.C., prompting concerns of a potential heat advisory by the weekend.

More than 76 million people are under heat alerts spanning from Iowa and the Great Lakes region to the Northeast and New England, with numerous cities including Cleveland, Buffalo, Newark, and Boston included in heat advisories.

Excessive heat warnings have been issued for Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Fort Wayne, while watches are in effect for Philadelphia and parts of New England.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City has urged residents to utilize cooling centers established across the city as a precaution against the oppressive heat.

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