Is Cynthia Bailey Leaving ‘RHOA?’: ‘I Will Be Fine After, God Is Good’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Cynthia Bailey has been a staple of Real Housewives of Atlanta since she strutted onto the reality television show in its third season.

The supermodel quickly earned her way into our hearts with her tender and nurturing nature. Given all of the explosive fights and feuds on the show, Cynthia’s mild-manner was a welcomed addition.

But after ten seasons on the show, is the multi-talented entrepreneur preparing to walk away from the show?

In an interview with Sheen Magazine, Cynthia did not confirm that she would be returning for the show’s 14th season. In fact, she gave the impression that she has already made peace with no longer being a part of the franchise.

“I would 100% would always want the option. With the Housewives, every year you’re either invited back or you may not wanna come back. Whatever it is, whatever your situation is. But you know you always wanna have the option,” she told the magazine.

“I always want to have the option. And right now, we’re not currently filming at the moment. So you know I have some time to think about which direction I want to go. They have time to figure out what they want to do with the show. That’s bigger than me. Just tell me if I have the option to come back or not. If I do, let me think about it and figure it out like I do every year. It’s been 11 years now. So I’ve had a h*ll of a run.”

See the clip below.

Over recent years, Cynthia’s relatively calm life has led to viewers labeling her as “boring.” Cynthia is not a cheater. She’s not a fighter. She not a backstabber and she does not take delight in stirring the pot. Some appreciate the balance, but with RHOA being one of the most explosive of the Bravo franchise… while fans love Cynthia, they think it may be time for her to retire her peach.

“I had a very successful career before Housewives and you best believe and as much as I’ve done on the show, I will be fine after so God is good. And I’m looking forward to doing…I enjoy doing television but it doesn’t always have to be in this capacity. So I’m looking forward to doing other things with Bravo,” she adds.

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