Supermodel Beverly Johnson Opens Up About The Crazy Things She Did To Maintain Her Thin Figure: ‘Cocaine, 2 Eggs And A Bowl Of Rice A Week’

by Gee NY

Iconic supermodel Beverly Johnson has revealed the extreme measures she took to maintain a thin physique during the height of her modeling career in the 1970s and 1980s.

Now 71 years old, Johnson disclosed during a candid interview with Page Six that like many in the industry during that era, she turned to cocaine to suppress her appetite for photoshoots.

During the interview, Johnson also disclosed that the prevalent drug use among models was fueled by societal pressures not to eat.

She recalled a time when she would consume just two eggs and a bowl of brown rice per week, supplemented with occasional M&M snacks. The detrimental impact of such an extreme diet led her to experience shakes and unhealthy patterns.

Despite the toll on her health, Johnson shared that the industry often praised her for her thin features, creating a culture where extreme measures were normalized.

She mentioned the lack of truth-telling in the modeling world and the harmful mindset that persisted.

However, Johnson’s path towards recovery began when her mother intervened, forcing her to confront her body image in a three-way mirror.

This transformative experience served as a wake-up call, leading Johnson to break free from the unhealthy routine. She proudly stated that she has been sober for at least 50 years.

As the first Black woman to grace the cover of U.S. Vogue in 1974, Johnson has been a trailblazer for equality and representation in the fashion industry.

Despite the challenges she faced, she recently made a notable runway comeback, walking in various fashion shows, including Sergio Hudson, Bibhu Mohapatra’s 2022 shows, and Dennis Basso’s 40th-anniversary show at New York Fashion Week in February.

Image Credit: Vogue

Johnson’s return to the runway has been met with appreciation and admiration from a new generation of models who recognize her significant contributions to the industry.

In reflecting on this experience, Johnson expressed gratitude for the younger models who acknowledged her role in paving the way for them.

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