Jasmin Brown Explains Why Being Millionaire Cam Newton’s 3rd Baby Mama Is Acceptable

by Grace Somes
Jasmin Brown || Image credit: @watchjazzy

“It couldn’t be me until a rich ‘man’ put the pressure on you.”

Jasmin “WatchJazzy” Brown is currently on a stand-up tour while pregnant with her partner Cam Newton‘s sixth child, and she’s doing just fine.

The pregnant comedian unabashedly told the crowd during her Dec. 5 stand-up comedy gig in Charlotte that she had no problem being a third baby mama to a rich man

“Somebody said, ‘Whew, couldn’t have been me.’ Alright, until a rich n**** put that pressure on you. ‘I would never. I would never.’ OK, until a $100-million n**** starts putting that pressure on you, you don’t know what the f*ck you’ll do,” she joked on set.

Jasmin Brown is securing the bag as she begins her journey into motherhood, using her pregnancy announcement as a promotion for her comedy tour. 

She named the tour Baby Momma 3 and Third Times A Charm.

The comedienne displayed her burgeoning baby bump in Newton’s fitted football jersey, which he wore when he played for the Carolina Panthers, beginning her five-show tour. 

“CHARLOTTE! I love you. THANK YOU for the love and support. My baby was kicking the whole time I was performing. Like, ‘Yayyy, go, mommy!’ I can’t explain the feeling. 

“Thank you to everyone who stayed and paid extra just to take pictures with me and tell me how I’ve inspired them throughout the years. Man, the love in Carolina was REAL, and I felt it. Thank you,” the proud “Baby Momma 3” posted on Instagram.

Currently, Newton works as an NFL free agent and has become a famous content creator, hosting a podcast.

In 2011, the Sports Business Journal reported Newton signed to Under Armour in the largest shoe and apparel deal for an incoming NFL rookie in that season.

The Carolina Panthers signed him to a five-year $103-million deal in 2015.

According to records, Newton’s name has a sizable $75 million attached to it.

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