Jenifer Lewis Shares Health Update After Freakish 10-Ft. Balcony Fall In Africa [Video]

by Grace Somes
Jenifer Lewis || Image credit: @therealjeniferlewis

Earlier, Black-ish star Jenifer Lewis recalled a near-death experience while on holiday in Africa when she fell from the balcony of her hotel room, which left her unable to walk.

During her appearance on “Good Morning America” on March 12, the legendary actress revealed a brutal experience in which she suffered a near-fatal fall while on vacation in Africa’s Serengeti region in 2022.

Lewis told Robin Roberts that last year’s recovery was “the hardest” for her.

The actress recounted how she had the freak accident while viewing the scenery from her hotel deck, which was “pitch black at the end of the first day of her dream vacation in Africa.

“And I’m walking, and all of a sudden, I fell 10 feet into a dry ravine full of boulders, stones, and sharp rocks,” she said. “There was a space that was not sectioned off and no sign that said, ‘Caution, 10-foot. drop.'”

Jenifer Lewis said she was injured after falling 10 feet from her hotel balcony into a dry ravine “full of boulders and stones.”

“A lightning bolt went through my mind’s eye. In pitch black, I didn’t know I was falling. It was hard to even take a big breath to scream,” she recalled.

Jenifer Lewis posted a video update on her Instagram to fans a week after the interview.

She first appeared to struggle as she strolled down a sidewalk with a walker, but this quickly changed when she lifted and threw the walker to the side.

She then busts a few saucy moves while assuring her fans in her caption that everything is fine with Auntie!

“Don’t worry about me y’all! Auntie’s back WALKING, talking, singing and acting a dmn f*l!!!” she wrote alongside the video.

During the interview, Jenifer Lewis mentioned that she thought she would die after the fall, especially when she heard a lion roar while waiting for help.

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