Jessie Woo Says Tamar Braxton Threatened To “Kill” Her Friend For Flirting With JR Robinson, Drops Screenshots

by Grace Somes
Jessica Woo, Jeremy Robinson and Tamar Braxton || Image credit: @thejessiewoo @rarebreednola @tamarbraxton

Tamar Braxton is allegedly beefing with her Dish Nation co-host Jessie Woo because Jessie’s friend was flirting with her fiancee, Jeremy Robinson.

The musician seemingly confronted and threatened her coworker Jessie Woo after the media personality’s friend allegedly attempted to hook up with the attorney.

Apparently, Tamar doesn’t play about her loved ones, especially her boo, as leaked chats reveal she is ready to sacrifice her freedom over a man.

Shortly after announcing their reconciliation, Robinson proposed to Tamar on Christmas Day after calling off their engagement in October 2023 with a new engagement ring. The pair have been together since then as fans eagerly await their wedding.

But things may not be as smooth as many think after Jessie Woo dropped screenshots confirming that Tamar was fighting over her man – again.

According to Jessie, Tamar attacked her because she thought Jessie’s friend was seducing JR.

All this drama was unveiled after fans noticed the two Dish Network hosts were no longer following each other, and Jessie went on to explain the situation in a now-deleted YouTube video.

She disclosed that the 46-year-old musician unfollowed her in November 2023 after sending a tirade of angry messages.

Speaking about the reason for the vexation, Jessie Woo claimed Tamar was upset because one of Woo’s friends was flirting with Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson while they were all at an event.

In the texts that Jessie uploaded to back her claims, Tamar passed many threats, including vowing to teach both the unnamed girl and her mother a lesson.

“Your home girl tried to talk to JR last night…I will personally kill that btch. Ion play these Atlanta games. Ask your brown skin friend. I’ll have her head. ANYDAY. Don’t play with me. I’m so serious. Let me find her name. Ion do this fake a* Atlanta sht. Don’t play in my fckn face like that. This is when I get real serious.
That’s what your friend said to him last night.
“I will kill that btch. Y’all will find her….I’ll hurt that btch and her mama.”

According to Woo, there’s no truth to the “flirtation” rumor, and it all happened when Tamar and JR were separated.

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