K. Michelle Details IVF Home Treatment Challenges While in Self-Quarantine

by Yah Yah
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R&B singer K. Michelle has been extremely vocal about her battle to conceive and has been undergoing IVF treatment for quite some time, but with the COVID-19 outbreak shutting down large parts of the country, the singer says that administering the treatment under current conditions is one of the most “stressful” things she’s ever had to deal with.

“LADIES: Going through IVF in the midst of the Corona virus, is probably one of the most stressful things I’ve had to deal with. By 11pm I will have poked myself in the stomach a total of 8 times today. This is my LAST cycle of IVF,” the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star wrote.

K. Michelle revealed that she has been producing boy embryos but is desperately trying for a baby girl.

“I’m currently seeing Dr. Hernandez-Rey, who specializes in designer babies and can help pick the gender. If this doesn’t work I’ll be having two little boys and I’ll be a All boy mom with 3 boys,” she continued, adding that she is grateful whatever the outcome, acknowledging that some women are unable to conceive.

In October 2017, the singer opened up to Essence about her decision to begin IVF treatment.

“My fertility rate is very low and, my doctor even said that at my age, it shouldn’t be,” she shared. “Age 38 to 40 is when things normally start to kind of change with regard to women and fertility, but he also told me that more and more women are thinking that they have forever to have children and they have no clue. Maybe it’s the food we’re eating or something else going on making our fertility rates low but, a lot of us think we have until 30 or even 40 but the reality is that some of us don’t.”

K. Michelle and her partner are wishing for twin girls.

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