Keke Palmer Breaks Down The Paradox: Explains How Someone Can Hate Black Women Yet Still Date Them

by Grace Somes
Keke Palmer || Image credit: @keke

Keke Palmer, despite being in the middle of an ugly custody battle with her ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson, still finds the strength to uplift women going through similar experiences. 

The actress recently sparked an online discussion about racial and gender oppression with a candid Instagram post, unraveling the dynamics of “sleeping with an enemy”.

Keke Palmer addressed a question from Instagram she received from a fan: “How can I hate Black women when I date them?”

“How can I hate black women when I date them?’ Very easily actually. So glad you asked the question! It’s very easy to date someone you don’t respect when you are looking for ways to feel better about yourself,” Keke began her response.

Clarifying her position on the matter further, Keke explained that societal propaganda often positions Black women at the bottom of the hierarchy. Thus creating a situation where men, who suffer from an inferiority complex, feel their best choice is black women because they can always feel superior.

Keke continued, “Even if you are less successful than said woman, there is still a history of propaganda that tells you, you will always be better than she is.”

“This is based on racial oppression and gender oppression. You may think you have created a win-win scenario for yourself to finally be “better” than someone! This is when the one-sided competition begins.”

The 30-year-old Hollywood actress continued her message with a heartwarming letter to black women about rising above adversity.

Keke Palmer emphasized he resilience of Black women with a strongly worded passage, “You can’t break a spirit that’s already been broken OPEN.”

“They were supposed to be able to break you! Everyone said you were an easy target! But you just keep winning, and this breaks their reality.”

 The Nope star ended her sermon with an apt call to action cry: “Keep winning y’all, keep creating the only reality there ever was, which is us winning. In love, in work, in life, in everything!”

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